Middle Snake-Payette Clean Water Project

In the 2017 session, the Idaho Legislature appropriated an ongoing $500,000 from the general fund to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to implement agricultural best management practices (BMPs) in high-priority watersheds throughout Idaho. The Payette River is a high priority watershed.  Payette SWCD’s grant application was chosen for funding. The Middle Snake-Payette Clean Water Project pays up to 65% of the project’s total cost.

 If you are interested in a project for your property and can install the practices by next spring, please give me a call.  We will also be submitting new grant applications for funding so check with us anytime about the current funding availability.

Mary Rosen: (208) 642-6129


Examples of best management practices which are eligible for 319 grant assistance:

Filter Strips                                                                                        Fencing

Livestock Watering Facility                                                       Spring Development

Feed Management                                                                          Heavy Use Area Protection

Irrigation Systems                                                                          Sediment Basins

Waste Storage Facility                                                                  Micro Irrigation Systems




A sediment basin like this can remove 65% or more of the sediment from irrigation return water from a field, returning much cleaner water to the canal and keeping your top soil on your land.