Middle Snake-Payette Clean Water Project

Payette Soil & Water Conservation District plans on submitting a proposal for grant funding in July, 2020. The success of our application for funding is dependent upon shovel ready projects. If you are interested in installing a practice on your farm or ranch please give us a call to see if it is a good fit to include in our proposal for funding. 

Please call us: (208) 642-6129

Examples of practices:

Filter Strips                                                                                        

Livestock Watering Facility                                                       

Feed Management                                                                          

Irrigation Systems                                                                          

Waste Storage Facility                                                                  


Spring Development

Heavy Use Area Protection

Sediment Basins

Micro Irrigation Systems



A sediment basin like this can remove 65% or more of the sediment from irrigation return water from a field, returning much cleaner water to the canal and keeping your top soil on your land.